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There is a big difference between how we behave in public and how we behave when we think nobody is looking.

Have you ever talked on the phone while on the toilet? Or yawned with your mouth open? Made a huge mess at home? We thought so!
Life is full of awkward situations. But don’t worry - you are not the only person who does that thing that you do. Here is a collection of funniest situation you definitely can relate to.
00:23 Have conference calls while undressed
00:34 Do weird things while talking on the phone
01:03 Not being able to move things with your mind
01:37 Eat in bed
01:50 Play dress up
02:13 Talk on the phone while on the toilet
02:25 Get comfy in funny ways
02:34 Make a huge mess
02:48 Use emojis while not showing real emotions
03:00 Weird multitasking
03:25 Get Orc as soon as you get home
03:43 Reuse dirty dishes
04:10 Eat food that fell on the floor
04:28 Eat peanut butter with your finger
4:48 Casually check if you smell bad
5:00 Carry stuff in your underwear
5:21 Yawn with your mouth open
5:28 Hide the good stuff in the store for your next visit
5:48 Lie about your location
6:00 Re-adjust your underwear
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