Top 5 MUST Know Car Wash Tips For Beginner Detailers! - Chemical Guys

New to detailing? Follow us as we journey through these Top 5 MUST Know tips for maintaining a showroom finish!
1.) Choose Your Soap:
With so many different soaps how do you choose which is best? Bring out the vibrant shine of any color vehicle with Citrus Wash & Gloss. Paired with Clean Slate to remove existing coats of sealant and wax for a completely bare canvas to begin with.
2.) Use the Proper Wash Method:
Scratches and swirls are preventable using the proper technique and products. Wash in linear motions so that abrasive particles don't have the chance of swirling the paint. The Two-Bucket Method is designed to prevent harmful contaminants from returning to the surface through the use of two Dirt Traps, one in each bucket. A soap bucket holds two or three ounces of chosen soap and fresh water. The second bucket contains rinse water to keep wash mitt fresh.
3.) How To Pick A Drying Towel:
Keep your new car looking showroom fresh. Water spots and streaks are caused by improper drying. Woolly Mammoth traps a ton of water to quickly and efficiently dry vehicles of any shape and size.
4.) Streak-Free Clean Glass:
Crystal clear windows is easy to achieve when using two towels and Glass Only Foaming Glass Cleaner. Utilize a cross hatching pattern "#" for a streak free finish. Alternate directions for interior and exterior to check for streaks.
5.) What is a Clay Bar:
Even new cars are subject to fallout and contamination. Remove impurities with a clay bar. The Light Clay Bar has the correct consistency to extract grime from the pores of the paint. Paired with Clay Luber, the bar smoothly glides across the paintwork without creating new imperfections such as scratches and marring.
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