Testing Viral TikTok Life Hacks with STEPHEN SHARER!!! (Part 2)

In Grace Sharer last vlog “SPYING on STEPHEN SHARER NEW HOUSE for 24 HOURS (Caught Singing)” you saw Grace Sharer was on a mission to spy on her almost TWIN BROTHER STEPHEN SHARER while Stephen is at his house in Los Angeles California Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame. Grace just arrived in LA to the LA SHARER FAM HOUSE and is right outside the Beverly Hills SIGN HOLLYWOOD TOUR ATTRACTION SIGHTSEEING HOT SPOT. As Grace Follows the Secret Trail to the Sharer Fam House, she must keep an eye out for her brother Stephen as well as anyone else who may know Stephen because they could give away her TOP SECRET MASTERMIND PLAN! Some people such as the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTERS ELLEN OR KAREN could tell Stephen that they saw Grace Sharer while she is planning her EPIC SURPRISE MYSTERY REVEAL. Once Grace arrives to the Sharer Fam House, she peeks through the bushes and sees that the SHARE THE LOVE SPY WAGON G WAGON is right outside which means that if the SHARERGHINI LAMBORGHINI is home, then STEPHEN is home and everything is going according to plan. While Grace is peeking through the bushes, she gets surprised as Stephen walks by and scares her as she is spying on him! With no time to waste, Grace finds the most TOP SECRET HIDDEN HIDING SPOT that looks like an ESCAPE ROOM right inside the Sharer Fam House Backyard DIY Secret Entrance. Luckily Stephen walks by without spotting Grace hiding in her hiding spot and continue to do exercise training similar to Chad Wild Clay Spy Ninja Training Testing Spy Gadgets. Graces plan looks like it will work except then she realizes she hasn’t seen John all day and he could pop out and spoil her surprise at any moment! You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen starts to walk out the door while Grace is still inside spying on him! Today in Grace Sharer new vlog Grace Sharer and her almost TWIN BROTHER STEPHEN SHARER and their BEST FRIEND JOHN are on another mission inside the SHARER FAM HOUSE BACKYARD to test HOME MADE DIY TIK TOK LIFE HACKS to see if they are helpful and if they are TRUE OR FALSE. The first MOST POPULAR TIK TOKS TRENDS they test is the Apple iPHONE QUICK CHARGE LIFE HACKS. To see who goes first, they spin the WORLDS BIGGEST RAINBOW DICE and see that Grace is going first. Unfortunately after testing her BRAND NEW LIFE HACKS, she see that it doesn’t work! Next up John spins the HUGE DICE and lands on CLOTHING IRON GRILLED CHEESE. For the one John makes a grilled cheese sandwich using a clothing iron to cook it and actually works! This means John is one step closer to WINNING SHARER FAM ULTIMATE $10000 DOLLAR PRIZE MONEY. Stephen spins the dice next and he has to test FROZEN IN TIME WATER BALLOON which is one of the TOP TRENDING VIDEOS on TIK TOK life hacks. The first time Stephen TESTED this it didn’t work but luckily when he tries again it works and he gets one SHARER FAM CHALLENGE POINT! For the next round Grace goes and tests the VACUUM CLEANER GARBAGE BAG CHALLENGE and sees that it works! After that, John tests the COTTON CANDY INTO WATER TIK TOK TREND and gets a point and Stephen tests the PERFUME PAPER PRINTER TATTOO TIK TOK TREND but doesn’t get a point which means John wins the $10,000 DOLLAR MONEY PRIZE CHALLENGE!
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