Pond Monster Officially CAPTURED (Top Secret Mission Accomplished)

Grace Sharer and Stephen Sharer finally CAPTURE the Pond Monster!!
In Grace Sharer's last vlog, "Grace Sharer Disguised as Pond Monster!! (Prank on Stephen Sharer)" you saw Grace pull a CRAZY trick on Stephen Sharer and John where she used a fuzzy monkey hand to pull a family friendly prank on them and pretend to be the Pond Monster. In today's video, Grace Sharer and Stephen Sharer get back to business working on the TOP SECRET Beach Mission to capture the Pond Monster. Using their secret spy gadgets, super fast jet-ski, and a GIANT NET, the Sharer Fam gets up close and personal with the monster and use all their strength to capture him and pull him back to the Mission House dock. When they arrive to shore, they FINALLY trap the monster and keep him contained in a spy ninja cage. Now that the Pond Monster is OFFICIALLY captured, comment down below what type of monster this could be! The Sharers are off the the beach patrol control center to tell them that they captured the pond monster and show the beach patrol team the footage
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