You and Jungkook have been best friends since you were in diapers, but haven’t seen each other in 6 years after his family moved to study at another country. You always stuck by each other’s side, and he’s always called you his “Little Honey” because to him, you were always someone special who he wants to keep by his side forever. He’s always had his eyes on his “Honey” and it seems like that will never change for him. But when he finally returns and promises to spend more time with you and make you happy, he realizes that through the years of separation, things have happened to you as he notices that you’re not exactly the same as before. His determination to protect you and be the only one for you grows stronger as the both of you struggle with your feelings towards each other and face many obstacles that leaves the both of you with a shattered heart. You promised each other to go through everything together and to not let one suffer alone. Even after all the hardships the both of you go through, will you still stand as strong in the end even after all the misfortunes that arise? Will you still be able to be each other’s happiness when certain events make you lose hope in humanity?
This fan fiction focuses on perseverance through difficult circumstances and what friendship and love means to two individuals who don’t exactly know everything about each other and what scars are hidden deep within.
WARNING: This fan fiction contains some unsettling scenes as well as heartbreaking ones, but most of the time, it’s a pretty bright, comedic and romantic fanfic~
Disclaimer: Video clips used in the intro and the audios used aren’t mine as well as the images. Credit goes to the rightful owner. Only storyline and edits are by me.
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Audios featured:
{Intro: Lauv - I Like Me Better}
BTS - Hold Me Tight Instrumental
iKON - My Type Instrumental
BTS ft. Halsey - Boy With Luv Karaoke
K-Drama Extraordinary You - High School Runway
Standing Egg - Drip Drip Drip Instrumental
BTS - Tomorrow Piano Cover
BTS - Blood, Sweat & Tears Piano Cover
Gary & Jung In - Your Scent Instrumental
Jungkook of BTS - Euphoria Full Music Box Edition
RM & V of BTS - 4 O’CLOCK Music Box Edition
K-Drama Extraordinary You - Pearly Rain
BTS - Move Piano Cover
Freestyle Type Beat “Fearless”
BTS - Black Swan Instrumental
BTS - Mic Drop(Steve Aoki Remix) Instrumental
BTS - Best of Me Piano Cover
BTS - Whalien 52 Karaoke
Vernon of SEVENTEEN ft. Pledis Girlz - Sickness