"I Should Be Wearing That Crown." Julian Newman vs Kyree Walker & More In EXTREME King Of The Court!

Takeover DUNK SHOW ►► ovrt.me/2I6gZhs
Takeover QUEEN of the Court ►► ovrt.me/31AWaTb
We got some KING OF THE COURT at the Overtime Takeover.
You know we brought in the best boys in the country to square off at our event. These guys came out for BLOOD. We started the event off with some KING OF THE COURT. That means these guys are going 1 on 1.
We had the legendary matchup of Julian Newman vs Kyree Walker. We also saw Jalen Suggs, Niven Glover, Malachi Wideman, Skyy Clark, Zaire Wade and plenty more ball out.
But this came down to a big 3. We saw Kyree, Jalen Suggs and Jahzare Jackson in the finals. We gotta know... WHO IS THE KING OF THE COURT!?
More heat from THE TAKEOVER coming soon!
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