I am NOT a morning person. ARE YOU? || Morning's struggles by 5-Minute FUN

Every morning ever there are some struggles. Morning's pain goes everywhere - in the girls, boys and couples life!
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Which of that situations do you find the most relatable?
0:01 Not going to wake up. Really sleepy people.
0:13 Man's every morning
0:29 Toast too fried
0:38 He ate her breakfast
0:50 Morning with a dog
1:11 Love note with the lipstick
1:23 The phone is uncharged
1:31 Teabags for fresh look
1:40 When it's freezing on the other side of the blanket
1:51 She forgot where is here glasses
2:07 In the bus
2:14 Making orange juice
2:26 Too many exercise on the previous day
2:50 There is no more cereal
3:03 She forgets her phone at home
3:15 Seeping on the work meeting
3:23 Being very tired on the work
3:35 Girl looks really messy in the morning but meets her ex
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