GTA 6... TOMORROW Might Be the Day! GTA 6 Announcement and GTA 6 WEBSITE UPDATED

GTA 6 Reveal TOMORROW & Why It MIGHT Happen... GTA 6 WEBSITE UPDATED & What This Means
PaoloOrla (NICE CONCEPT! I loved it):
GTA 6 Website Updated:
GTA 5 Leaked Websites:
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GTA 6 leaks have been VERY popular throughout the month of March 2020. This GTA VI information has pointed to a GTA 6 announcement/GTA 6 reveal on March 25th, 2020. We will find out in less than 24 hours if this is true or not. HOWEVER, it is worth noting that because of the current events happening in the world, this might lead to the announcement of GTA 6 being delayed. This is very unfortunate and we don't know for certain. But that is to possibly be suggested.
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