Classic Ali G Show - Best moments

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This is classic Ali G and Borat at his best! Movies tell only half the story. Stuff from the show was the best! Below are times for clips.

Full playlist:
First clip 00:00
Naomi Wolf and Ali G talking about feminism
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Second clip 3:11
Talking about drugs and various names for it with some kind of anti-drug authority
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Third clip 9:08
Some environment protest or something. Ali G wants to mash up the police
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Fourth clip 12:11
ATF guys and their dogs, sniffing out drugs
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Fifth clip 15:47
Interview with Surgeon General - nuff said
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Sixth clip 20:53
Borat and the New Age folks, alternative medicine and whatnot
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Seventh clip 24:56
Borat at the Doggy style show!
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