Nasa Astronaut Confirms Alien Life

Nasa Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, best known as the second man to walk on the moon, really did fail a lie detector test question when asked about alien life, on his infamous trip in space with Neil Armstrong.
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Welcome back, The Richest fans! Space is pretty big. It’s quite vast, actually. With a volume such as that, there’s bound to be mysteries and questions. Such as, do aliens exist? It’s a concept that we humans have battled with for eons. Are we the on ly life in the universe? Or could there be something, or someone, else out there. Well, we have had that question answered by some of NASA’s legendary astronauts.
In 2018, a newspaper article was released. It was created by the UK tabloid, The Daily Star. In this story, they mention how the Institute Of Bioacoustic Biology discovered an unsettling secret. They examined the interviews of a number of astronauts. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Gordon Cooper, Alfred Worden, Paul Hellyer, and Edgar Mitchell were selected. They used a variation on a lie detector to uncover what the astronauts’ intentions are behind their statements. In this video, we explore what the findings were. Does this confirm the existence of alien life? Or is it a pseudoscience? We’re also going to look at a strange case involving the Apollo Eleven crew during the USA’s moon landing in 1969. We get to the bottom of what Neil Armstrong and Aldrin saw on that fateful event. Something which Discovery’s Science Channel contributed to. We’re also going to look at the Drake Equation. As well as how Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan adapted the equation to give us a better variation in figuring out whether we’re alone or not. So, to find out about this baffling story, watch this video and see whether you’re a believer or not.

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