AM I BUYING A MEGA MANSION?? NEW HOUSE **Emotional Surprise**💕😭 | Piper Rockelle

Shalom guys, it’s Piper Rockelle. I hope your day is good but better watching am I buying a mega mansion new house emotional surprise! Last week we were kicked out of our old house, it was emotional. We had to find a new house fast! My bff, Sophie Fergi and I had the challenge of finding a new house in 3 days. We wens house shopping and, looked at really beautiful homes including two mega mansions. Today I finally decided what house I'm buying. Did I choose a mega mansion? I will give you a house tour of the home I chose! Watch until the end for an emotional surprise. I ask my best friend a very important question. Also stay until the very end to see my fave part of my new house! I love you guys....❤️
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My CRUSH Controls My Life For a Day 24 HOUR CHALLENGE **BAD IDEA** 💕

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