Sometimes we all need to change something in our lives and the best way to do it is to transform a space at home. There are a lot of ways to change the interior design, for example, you can change the lightening, buy new lamps and accessories. One more cool way to redecorate a room is to change the artworks and paintings. But today the main theme of the video is how to change the style of your room by upgrading boring walls. Before watching our video you should choose the main colors for your room. Pick two main colors and a couple of neutral for the balance. Watch this video and find budget-friendly ideas you should try to create an amazing room.
Even if you don’t have any skills to redecorate your room as out step by step tutorials are very easy. Besides, there is no need to buy expensive tools to use a rope, old sweater, duct tape, empty towel paper rolls, cardboard, hot glue gun, and even rubber bands. First of all, clean your walls and prepare the surface for painting. My favorite tutorial and design are how to make striped walls using a syringe. One of the easiest ways to create a cool print on walls is to wrap a paint roller with rope. The geometric design is very popular today and you don’t need to hire anyone to create it. All you need is painters tape and a kitchen sponge. Paint your walls in white color, let dry. After that create any design your life with painter's tape. Or you can use our idea for inspiration. Using a kitchen sponge apply a new layer of paint. You may use a few colors. Watch the video till the end and you will find a cheap way to create fake bricks.
00:09 Safari print
02:49 Use kitchen sponge to decorate walls
03:04 Navy bedroom
05:26 Idea for a girl’s room
08:37 Fake bricks

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